The Big Difference

There's a big difference between falling in love and jumping into a relationship because you're lonely.

Love Is Like A Knot

Love is like knotted yarn.  If you can’t untangle it, it’s better to cut it.

Build And Make It Better

People would rather plan how they can get even and get revenge in a relationship rather than how they can build it and make it better.

Everything Has Reason

Have you ever said to yourself that you have met before? Always remember everything has a reason. All the test that you go through will give you strength. Just hold on to each other.

Catch Me

I don’t want to fall for you because I'm afraid that you will not catch me.

Sailing In A Road

If you force yourself on a person who does not love you, it's like trying to go sailing on a road. You don’t get very far and you will look stupid.

Love Is Like A Forest

Love is like a forest... You can't find one without snakes.

Be A Pen Or Eraser

If you can’t be a pen to write my happiness, can you at least be an eraser to erase my sadness?