Cry Knowing The Truth

It's better to make someone cry by telling them the truth than to make them cry because they heard it from others.

Hard To Forget

The heart finds hard to forget when it was broken and scarred.

Never The Heart

The mind may forget but never the heart.

See You Happy

I want to see you happy even if you’re with someone else, rather than to see you sad while you are with me. Even if you are laughing while I’m crying.

How Do I Start

How do I start all over again if every step I take you pull me two steps back to your world.

Out Of My Life

I am just glad that you are out of my life, because I made a room for a lot better person.

Easy Come Easy Go

If they say “easy come, easy go”, why is it you’re so hard to let go?

If You Love A Person

If you love a person you should fight for them. If they don't do the same for you, let go. They don't deserve you, and they're not worth your time.