To Be Contented

If the two of you know how to be contented, your relationship will last.

My Life Is A Mess

Do you think it's easy for me not to think of you? To dream of you? That I could just to forget you? My life is a mess without you.

Happy Ending

Not all love stories have a happy ending. There is not always a happily ever after.

If I Can

If I can, I will not leave you. I will not give up, as long as I breathe I will not let you go.  That’s how I love, I will fight if I know there’s still a chance.

Love Them And Do Not Leave

If someone is important to you, love them and do not leave them. A lot can change with each minute you are apart and you may regret it.

Someone Else

It's hard to love a person who is loving someone else.

Relationship Is Not Always Happy

Relationship are not always happy. Jealousy and temptation are always there, if you are weak they will destroy your love.

Dont Want To Assume

I am not numb, so I don't want to assume because I don't want to get hurt.