Sailing In A Road

If you force yourself on a person who does not love you, it's like trying to go sailing on a road. You don’t get very far and you will look stupid.

Love Is Like A Forest

Love is like a forest... You can't find one without snakes.

Be A Pen Or Eraser

If you can’t be a pen to write my happiness, can you at least be an eraser to erase my sadness?

If Heart Was Made Of Paper

If my heart was made of paper, I would have erased his name a long time ago and totally forgotten him. Replacing it with the name of a person I know will love me truly. A person who will not hurt me, who will not let me down. It's not like that, a heart is a heart. It beats and it loves, even if it hurts. It is still fighting and still waiting. That’s what love is.

It Feels Good

It feels good to stare at the person you love. Feels good to think that you’re together. Feels good to dream and to hope. But it hurts when you are staring at him and see he is staring at others.

Girls Are Not Perfect

A lot of girls are not perfect, but it doesn’t mean you should hurt them.

It Really Hurts Me

It really hurts me every time I see you happy with someone else.

Your Umbrella

I wish I was your umbrella, so that when it rains and I’m not there, you’ll regret that you left me.