More Than Anything

I love you more than anything, so much that I forgot to love myself also.

Still Waiting For You

I am still waiting for you until my heart voluntarily quits.

Those Wonderful Memories

Sometimes those wonderful memories also give us sadness, pain and  regret.

Step Forward

Someone ask me if I would want to go back to the past. I simply answered no. Why would I step back once I learned to step forward?

The Memories

I hate rain, because it brings back the memories of when you left me.

Come Back To Me

I miss the old you, your sweetness, your loving voice. I miss you. I don’t want you to change, please come back to me.


It's so hard to be the second priority of the person who is you're first priority.


Heartbreak is painful, but it's more painful if you don't tell them that you love them.