You Don’t Have To Love Someone Else

You don't have to love someone else just to show to that you can forget him. In the end, you are the one who'll end up hurt.

Two Things Might Happen

Two things could happen if keep someone at a distance. Either they will find you or they will forget you.

Tears And Sweat

Tears are like sweat, they fall when you're tired.

Space In My Heart

How will I find room for someone else if you took all the space in my heart.

Never Going To Happen

Don’t force things that you know are never going to happen.

Too Late

It is really painful when you love someone too late.

Don’t Hold On

Don’t hold on to someone if you know they would just let you go.

Boys Tears

The girls laugh is more joyful than the boys, but the boys tears are more meaningful than the girls.