Forever and always is what you want to promise me? Go ask the last guy who promised me that, see if he's still keeping that promise. Then come try to promise me that again! If you don't know his name...its my ex.

Love Is Like Text

Love is like a text, it needs space.

Learn To Love Again

Someday, when I get over you, I will learn to love again.

Love Again

Many don’t want to love again because they don’t want to be hurt again.

Come Back To You

My head says to forget you, but my heart says to come back to you.

It Is Wrong

It is wrong to give up to someone you still love, but it’s more wrong to use someone else just to forget them.

Bring Back The Trust

If its hard to trust someone, it’s even harder to bring trust back.

It Takes A Lot Of Time

Why is it that we can have a crush so fast and fall in love so quickly, but it takes a lot of time to forget and to move on.