I’ll Be Fine Without You

No matter how hard it is, I'll be fine without you.

I have loved and hurt so many times, but I cannot give up on love.

I've been loving you for so long, I need to know if you love me or not. If you don't love me, please don't confuse me anymore. I don't want to be hurt or cry. I've had enough of that in my life.

Sometimes, even if you understand the reason, you still cannot avoid being hurt.

Sometimes the word hello can be the most painful word, especially when it comes to the person who usually tells you they love you!

The most painful feeling in the world is when you feel they don’t love you anymore yet they can’t tell you because you didn’t do anything bad in the relationship.

Mistakes are not bad if you learn from them. You will know what you have lost and learn what you need to value. Be careful though, you don't always get a second chance.

Love if you have moved on and already forgotten. Don't love just to forget.