You do not know how long I believed the words “I can” before I finally uttered the word “I quit”.

Work Things Out

Love doesn't always go your way. You have to push until your relationship gets better. Even when you have ups and downs you should try to work things out.

The Day I Met You

I'm not really good at history, but I clearly remember the day that I met you.

Being Simple Is Enough

You don’t have to be handsome or beautiful to have someone care for you. Sometimes being simple is enough to have someone to admire you.

A Car With No Brakes

Loving someone can be like riding in a car with no brakes. You know you might get hurt, but take the ride, at least you tried.

Dont Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid to love again, not all people are like your ex.

Proud To Have You

Be with someone who is proud to have you.


Remember, be with someone who is good and kind, someone wise, not foolish. More importantly, be with someone who loves you instead of someone who only desires you.