Being Contented

It is good to take care of a relationship even if you know is not perfect, you two both know the true meaning of being contented.

If You’re Really Honest

If you're really honest with the one you love, even if she’s away, you will ignore the people who flirt with you.

Girls Are Like Flowers

Girls are like flowers, don’t pick it just to play with.

Make Her Smile

Touch her heart not her body, make her smile and don't waste her tears.

Love Is What Is Left

Love is what is left in the relationship after all the selfishness is taken out.

Hard And Complicated

No matter how hard and complicated your relationship gets, if you really love each other you will never think of giving up.

Don’t Be Worried

Don’t be worried about the people around me. They all know who I love.

Saying Sorry

We may fight and say things we don't mean, things that hurt each other feelings, but I still thank God for you. Even when we fight like that, we end up saying sorry and love you in the end.