Love Is Like Fart

Love is like fart. Whatever you do it's hard to hide it. When released, everyone will know it, even if you don't confess.

Loving Someone Is Not A Crime

Loving someone is not a crime. When they ask if you love them admit it.

When I Met You

I promised myself that I will let somebody hurt my heart again. When I met you, I knew I was ready to get hurt again.

Dont Ever Start

If you are just planning to play with my feelings don't start. Because, in this game, you are just the player I am the coach.

The Right Thing In My Life

I am not a perfect person but I try my very best. If there is one thing I did right, it's that I chose you to be a part of my life.

My Way

Don't be mad if sometimes I ignore you. Don't be worried. It's just my way to get you to grow fonder of me.

Makes an Effort

I want someone who, even though he knows I love him, makes an effort to make me love him more.

Saying I Love You

The people who I will never get tired of saying “I love you” to are the people who know how to make me feel they love me even more.