Girlfriend And Boyfriend

A girlfriend is like a government, they have many prohibitions. A boyfriend is like a politician, they have many promises.

Loving You Is Crime

If loving you were a crime, I would be the most wanted criminal.

The Best Memory

The best memory you ever had is when you were falling in love.

Now And Forever

It's been years. I always remember our happy times. I always adore and love you. Because of you, I learned to trust and love again. I can't shout about true love. I love you so much I will never ever forget the words now and forever. It will help us remember that we have been true. I love you now and I will always will.

More Than Enough

They say it's wrong to love so much. It's wrong to love less. Give love, not more and not less. But how to love that way, if the only way I know is to love more than enough.

Use Your Heart

What’s the use of your heart if I'm not inside it?

You Make Me Smile

You're the only one who can make me smile or laugh when I'm down.

When You Fall In Love

When you fall in love, it is forever. You only get one true love. When you find it make sure you hold on to it no matter what. It's your life the only one you get. Live it how you want and love who the hell you want.