My Mind Drift To You

I keep myself busy every day, but every time I pause, my mind still drifts to you.

A Deck Of Cards

We remind a deck of cards. They are different colors, they have different symbols, but one card doesn’t mean a thing without the whole set.

An Endless Act

Love is based primarily on forgiveness. When you love, you are ready for an endless act of forgiveness, which means that you give up the right to hurt a person for the hurt they brought to you.

You Are My Angel

What I know for sure is that you are my angel, not just my boyfriend.

The Way I Love You

The way I love you can’t be compared to rain that starts and goes away. The way I love you can be compared to air that is silent and invisible but never leaves you.

You Are Ready

Affection means that you can’t live without someone’s strengths; love means that you are ready to accept someone’s flaws.

Under Pressure

True love is when you sing karaoke ‘Under Pressure’ together and you let the other person sing the Freddie Mercury part.

We Compliment Each Other

We complement each other so perfectly like two pieces of one puzzle.