If Jealous Could Kill

If jealousy could kill, I’d be dead already.

I Can’t Control Myself

I can't control myself when you're around. Unconsciously, my eyes follow you everywhere you go. When I look at you, it is difficult for me to look away.

Use Mind In Love

People are always hurt in love because nobody uses their mind in love. When people use their mind with their heart their love is successful... Always!

Love You Forever

True love is not based on money, it comes from the heart. My dear I promise to love you forever. May God help me to fulfill this vow.

Be Satisfied And Contented

If you really love a person don't look for what they don't have. Instead, be satisfied and contented with what he has and what he can give. You love them because you feel it, not because you need something from them.

Woman In My Life

I do not necessarily need a beautiful and sexy woman in my life, I just need one that will love me truly and who will remain loyal and satisfied.

The Day You Were Born

The best day of my life was the day you were born and the first time I held you in my arms.

Be Satisfied

Be satisfied with the one you love even if you know there’s someone better than him, because there may be better for him, but he choose you.