I’ve Been Searching For You

I've been searching for you for so long, Waiting for you and dreaming of you. Now that you are here I will never let you go.

Till There Is Morning

For me, it’s not enough to say good morning, It’s much better to say “I will love you until there is morning”.

Show Me

Show me thy feet, show me thy legs, thy thighs Show me those fleshy principalities; Show me that hill where smiling love doth sit, Having a living fountain under it; Show me thy waist, then let me there withal, By the ascension of thy lawn, see all.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love It is not about having him beside me 24/7 because he's always on my mind. It is not about where I am it's about who I am with. It's not about how we live the day it's about with who you're living it with. It's not about what you have in life. it's about who you're sharing it with. His happiness comes before yours.. His hug is your sanctuary... His kiss is your morphine.. His smile is your coffee... His laugh is your high.. Unconditional love.. It's all about HIM.

Stay like This

Your sweet lips that kiss me every night. Your sweet smile before I close my eyes. Your arms that hug me and keep me warm through the night. How I love to stay like this with you by my side.

A Girl And A Boy

A girl said to a boy do you like me he said no. She said do you think I'm pretty he said no. She said do you want me to be with you, would you cry if I went away he said no. The girl had had enough so she turned to leave. The boy held her hand and said you're not just pretty, you're beautiful. I don't just want to be with you, I need to be with you. I don't just like you, I love you.

A Person Who Makes An Effort

Choose a person who makes an effort to be with you. Not the man who remembers you only when he has no alternatives.

Feels True Love

If it feels like true love and you’re sure about it, then it is definitely worth fighting for.