Grateful Having You

I am grateful to have you by my side. Being with you is priceless. Call me selfish, but I will keep you forever because you’re my treasure.

Send My Love

I wanted to send my love to you but the mail carrier said it was too big.

I Hate The Feeling

I hate the feeling that even when I'm angry, it goes away with just your smile.

Don’t Let Me Hope

Don’t let me hope and dream of your love. Don’t let me fall if you don’t plan to accept my love. Because I'm really falling deeply in love with you.

If Loving You Was A Crime

If loving you was a crime, I would go to jail a million times.

Forever Will Be

Never think that I don’t love you just because were miles apart. You are always in my heart and forever will be..

My Vices

I only have two vices, boozing and gambling. Boozing in your love and gambling everything for you.

Admit You’re In love

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you’re in love with him, What’s wrong is that you keep on denying it even though it's obvious.