To Love You Truly and Completely

To love you truly and completely is my one and only wish.

I Am So Lucky

I am so lucky that I have you. After all those trials, the ups and down that we’ve been through, all the sacrifices did not go to waste. I'm happy, lucky and contented having you for the rest Of my life!!

I Need To See You

Tonight I will sleep with thoughts of you. Tomorrow I wake up thinking of you. And now I can’t help thinking and I need to see you.

Like Him Or Not

It is hard to decide whether you like him or not. You think that he is just a simple person who makes you laugh and smile. What you don’t know is you are falling for him.

Forget The Past

In love, you have to forget the past, enjoy the present and plan for the future.

Colors In My World

You bring the colors back in my world, you came along and stayed by my side. The sun did shine and now there’s color everywhere.

Just One Look

Just one look at you takes my breath away. Just one touch and you make me feel better. Just one smile and you brighten up my day. Stay that way and never go away.

Forgiveness And Understanding

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I’ll love you even when you forget that I do! Love is all about forgiveness and understanding.