Love Someone Better

Let’s not be bitter and be cold towards each other and to other people. Let us remind ourselves of the lessons of the past so we can love someone else better.

Never Meant To Be

Even though I know we were never meant to be, I still love every second that I spent with you.

The Life We Planned

It’s hard letting go of the life we planned together.

I’d Be Better

I’ve never thought I’d be better after you left.

You Raised Me Up

I never imagined that the guy who raised me up would also be the one trying to drag me down.

I Will Love Someone

Our love was a different kind of love that I still want to hold dear. And one day, I will look back and tell myself I will love someone deeper than I have loved you.

This Breakup

I know we didn’t plan to have this breakup. In fact, we were doing our best to avoid it. But I guess it’s the best thing to do right now.

Our True Colors

I know we are no longer the same person we knew the first time we fell in love. The longer we stayed together, the deeper we got to know about our true colors. So I’m so sorry you couldn’t accept me for who I am.